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I hate conflict. I always shut down. How can I be more assertive?

May 12, 2023 | Life Advising

Well, if you really want to be more assertive, the first step is to not ask for advice from a life coach/appliance repairman. I mean, come on, buddy, we fix dishwashers and give pep talks, not turn you into a confrontational badass. But since you asked, have you tried picturing everyone in their underwear? I hear it works wonders for public speaking, maybe it’ll work for conflict too. Or you could just bring a banana to the conversation and if things get heated, start peeling it in slow motion while staring them down. That should distract them long enough for you to make your escape.

Disclaimer: Take these words with a grain of salt. While I am a life coach, I’m only certified in the life of hard knocks.

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